How many bundles will I need?

For lengths 20 inches or shorter, you will need 3 bundles. For longer lengths, you will need 3.5 - 4 bundles for a full look. The weight of longer bundles is compensated for in length, not volume.


If I'm purchasing tape-ins, how many sets will I need?

Each full set of tape-ins comes with 40 pcs, which is 20 sandwiches. 2 sets are recommended, and will more than likely leave you with some extras for replacements.


If I'm purchasing I-tips, how many bundles will I need?

2 bundles. Each bundle comes with 150-160 pcs. 2 bundles will be more than enough for thinner or thicker hair, with some spares left, just in case!


How long does this hair last?

The hair lasts 1-2 years with proper care. The hair can last longer if you are very meticulous about caring for your extensions.


Can the hair be straightened and colored?

Yes! Please note that extreme heat, same with your natural hair, will loosen the curl patterns of the textured extensions. To maintain the integrity of your extensions, heat higher than 400° is not recommended.


Do you offer installation of hair extensions?

I currently offer microlinks, I-tips, and tape-ins on my service menu. Sew-ins will be offered soon. Click the "book" tab on the main menu of the site.


Can I install and remove my tape-ins or I-tips myself?

While installing and removing tape-ins and I-tips on yourself is possible, it is not recommended. Tape-ins and I-tips should always be installed and removed by a trained professional. I highly recommend finding a stylist that is certified in both techniques, as improper installation, care, and removal can cause breakage and tension hair loss. If you are located in the Atlanta, GA area, I offer hair extension services by appointment only, with a consultation first. I also offer removal of all extensions. Click here to book yours.


Do I-tips and tape-ins ruin your hair?

No. Tape-ins and I-tips do not ruin your hair. Having them improperly installed, as well as not being fully educated on how to care for them can lead to damage of your hair.


What products should I use to care for my extensions?

Only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners should be used on the hair. Always select a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I highly recommend using a lightweight frizz reducing leave-in spray while the hair is wet to keep it smooth while drying. Check out our blog to get detailed product recommendations. I've even included links so you can easily order all of my recommendations.


Can I return the hair if I don't like it or no longer want it?

Yes, all hair can be returned within 14 days of you receiving the product for a full refund. Hair must still be in original packaging and in its original state. Please contact us via email or the contact form to initiate the return process and we will provide the return shipping label.