Just bought those hair extensions you've been wanting or looking at for awhile, but want to know how to make them last longer? This is the blog for you! Today's post is dedicated to a little product knowledge to help you maintain your hair, and some of my favorite products that can help you maintain your hair extensions AND your natural hair at home. Read to the end for some wash day tips and some of my favorite products that I use in my salon. I always get asked what I use from clients and friends that simply don't know what to do with their hair at home, so I'm here to help!


Sulfate free shampoos are ALWAYS a must when you're caring for your hair, natural and extensions. While sulfates help get rid of oil and dirt in our hair and on our scalp, they can be too stripping to the hair. This causes drying on both your natural hair and the extensions. Using sulfate free shampoo helps hair retain more moisture and keep some of the natural oils in natural hair.


Clarifying shampoo is best if you use a lot of products on your hair, especially oil-based products. Using a clarifying shampoo for your first shampoo helps to break down any product, everyday grime, and oil build-up before using your favorite moisturizing shampoo.

Moisturizing shampoo should always be used after clarifying the hair to restore the moisture and oils pulled out by the clarifying shampoo. This is the part of the shampoo process where you start to feel the hair getting softer again.


Both work fine for restoring moisture. Your regular conditioners are going to make your hair feel softer immediately, but don't stay in long enough to penetrate deeply. I always recommend using a hair masque for deep conditioning at least once every two weeks on your natural hair. For hair extensions I recommend using a hair masque every time you shampoo, simply because we do a lot more heat styling and coloring to our extensions than we would EVER do to our natural hair. Your hair needs a lot more moisture after going through those processes.


This seems to be where most clients have issues. What do I use in my hair when it's dry? What can I use for more curl definition? Do you recommend anything for frizz? Let me help you with that!

When using leave-in products, I am ALWAYS a fan of anything lightweight. If you have to use oils, use lighter oils that absorb quickly like avocado and jojoba oil. These don't weigh the hair down or make it feel greasy. Stay away from coconut oil and products that have a lot of coconut oil in them. While coconut oil may have a couple of benefits, it also very heavy and can cause build-up on the scalp and hair. When using leave-in products, I always look for multi-benefit products, especially if you're going to be doing any heat styling with flat or curling irons. If heat styling is going to be done, look for products with heat protectants in them. And I always recommend that they be used before blow drying, while the hair is still wet, so that it absorbs more and doesn't weigh the hair down... because we all want BOUNCY HAIR. The hair needs to give what it's supposed to give!

If you're looking for curl definition, curl mousses are great for natural hair and extensions. They can give you more curl definition without the heaviness of curl creams and gels.



You don't have to choose these products, but they are some of my favorites, HANDS DOWN! If these aren't within your budget, you can always look at the benefits and functions of each to see what you should be looking for in other products.

1.Redken One United Multibenefit Spray- Great as a lightweight leave-in moisturizer, smoothes frizz, heat protectant, and more

$28-$42 on Amazon

2. Redken Frizz DIsmiss Leave-In Cream- Lightweight leave-in cream to help with frizz. Great heat protectant before blow drying and heat styling.

$28 on Amazon

3. Kenra Professional Clarifying Shampoo

$14.39-$33.99 on Amazon

4. Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner Set (They can be purchased separately too)

$32.38 on Amazon

5. Mizani Moisture Fusion Hair Mask

$36 on Amazon

6. Kenra Professional Platinum Luxe Shine Oil

$26.49 on Amazon

**This last one isn't a hair product, but will DEFINITELY be your best friend when you need to air dry, blow dry, or straighten/curl your extensions.

7. Hair Works Hair Extension Style Caddy- Helpful when you need an extra pair of hands!!! Trust me! I have one and it is a lifesaver!

$26.99 on Amazon



1.Thoroughly detangle hair extensions from ends to the top to minimize the amount of shedding.

2. Shampoo extensions once with clarifying shampoo.

3. Shampoo a second time with moisturizing shampoo.

4. Deep condition your extensions by applying a hair masque and closing them up inside a plastic cap or ziploc bag (This keeps the product from drying out before time is up). Allow it to work for the full amount of time recommended by the manufacturer on the product label's directions.

5. When time is up, thoroughly detangling your extensions again, starting at the ends and working up. You have the most amount of slip while the conditioner is still in the hair, which will help with easy detangling and minimal shedding.

6. Rinse extensions going with the natural direction of the hair to avoid tangling the hair up. ALWAYS rinse conditioner with cool water. Rinse until the water is clear and free of suds.

7. Apply a small amount of your leave-in product. Remember that a little goes a long way when the hair is still wet. Brush product through and either air dry or blow dry.

Hopefully this post helps you! Whether you gained some tips, grabbed some new BOMB products, or just learned something new, my goal is to make your hair journey easier. Come back and check out more posts just like this one every week! Dropping gems just for YOU! Until next time!

-Sincerely Scissorhandz

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